Coagulation, flocculation & chlorine mixing

Mixing or lack of it can turn a brilliant process into a white elephant.

Few understand it or get it right, often an afterthought. 
A fine balance of chemistry, process and a good dash of horse sense.
If you think its horses for courses you’re in the wrong race.
Key, match rates of chemical reaction to rates of mixing.
The main flow has a will of its own understand what it wants to do.

Siobhan O’Neill

Principle Engineer

Highly respected Outcomes and Strategic Planning manager, with 26 years experience of stakeholder and customer engagement, financial, performance risk, asset and strategic investment management in water and waste programmes, Principle engineer, treatment plan design, construction and commissioning. Industry leading capability improvement through big data analytics and insight. A trouble-shooter with a proven track record of intervening with innovative, cost effective solutions to complex problems.
Currently Outcomes and Measures Manager for Thames Water PLC responsible and accountable for development and delivery of Thames Waters Outcome, Performance Commitment, Leading Indicator, Risk visualisation and incentive frameworks. Establishing and assuring Thames Waters financial and reputational incentive mechanisms around performance (+-£900m) aligned with industry guidance, long term investment plans and customer preferences. Asset Health strategy and capability improvement programmes.

Presenting: Tuesday 12 November @ 10:00am

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